About Us

Welcome on this blog dedicated to the HCL Notes software seen from a end-user perspective!

Lots of blogs and websites exists for the server-side of Notes, a.k.a. Domino, but few focus on the end-users.

The idea for such a site was born a few years ago during my numerous visits to customers. Many of them had the same question: where do I find tutorials on HCL Notes for my users?

The blog you are currently reading will try to help you in this search for tips & tricks.

My name is Mathieu Pape, I am a freelance consultant in the HCL Notes/Domino world for over 15 years now.

150 customers later, I will try to use my experience to share information about questions users might have around the HCL Notes client.

Although I am mainly a Domino server administrator, I will focus here on questions around the Notes client from an end-users’ perspective. Yes, I also maintain DominoWorks4Us , but will not be on my focus right away as lots of alternative sources exist elsewhere on the web for the Domino server.

The Notes/Domino community is big and very active since the origin of the products back in the eighties. 

NotesWorks4Us aims to bring a contribution to this thriving community.