HCL Verse 3.1 is available for download!

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As of today, July 31st 2023, HCL Verse 3.1 has been released and is available for download. It is related to the On-Premise version (web mail if you prefer), not the mobile app.

The full documentation can be found here. You wil find all the enhancements as well as the user, admin & developer’s information.

If you prefer listening to reading, a 15min. video has been also been posted.

Some of the new features :

  • Mail
  • Use of mail stationary (or reusable templates)
  • Ability to recall a sent message
  • Attached files preview : along with a service that needs to be enabled on Domino 12.0.2
  • Remove attachements from e-mails
  • Contacts
  • Live e-mail: Contact email addresses are now clickable allowing you to directly send an email to your contact.
  • Live phone number: Contact phone numbers are now clickable allowing you to directly make a call to your contact.
  • Sorting contact list: You can now sort the contact list according to the Name, Email, and Company name of your contacts.
  • Add photo for personal contact: You can now add, update, and remove photos for your personal contacts. It supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG image formats.
  • Delegating your personal contacts: You can now see the option to delegate access to contacts along with mail and calendar.
  • Add Sender/Chair to Contacts: This feature allows you to add the sender or meeting chair to your personal contacts.
  • Meeting
  • Find available time when scheduling a new meeting
  • Sametime status of the chair of a meeting appears in the invite
  • Send message to Invitees
  • New Preferences
  • Online meeting preferences: Configure and save your online meeting information such as meeting name, URL, and password. When scheduling a meeting, you can select from the online meetings you created in your preferences. You can also mark any online meeting as default.
  • Date picker preference in Calendar: There is a new date picker preference available in the Calendar display tab, where a user can set the first day of the week for the date pickers in Verse.
  • General enhancements
  • Supported versions for integrated products: HCL Verse 3.1 provides support for:
    • Connections v8
    • Sametime v12
  • Domino console command to show Verse version: Administrators can now run a Domino console command to display the installed version of Verse: tell http osgi verseversion

Happy installation!

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