Windows 7 support ends (very) soon. What does that mean for Notes?

I’m sure you’ve all read that Microsoft ends the support of Windows 7 on January 14th 2020.

Only 6 months left for Windows 7!

I will miss it as I found it really suited for business environments compared to Windows 10 with all of its bling-bling. YMMV.

This would be the right time for me to switch completely over to Linux (Ubuntu for me, thank you) but since Feature Pack 8 of Notes 9.0.1 there is unfortunately no longer support offered for the Notes client on Linux. I am stuck in the Windows world.

Yes, there is the MacOS alternative of course but for various (good and bad) reasons it is not for me.

There are no plans for a new Linux Notes client but should you need a place to ask/complain about it, here would be a good start.

Notes on Windows 7 & 10

Simple things first: Notes is supported on Windows 10 since release 9.0.1 Fix Pack 4, which came out almost 4 years ago. Obviously, the Notes 10.x code stream is supported as well.

Regarding Windows 7 end of support, IBM just published a Q&A article about the implications for Notes 9 & 10.

Any 9.0.x or 10.0.1 Notes Maintenance Release, Fix Pack or Interim Fix that ships after Windows 7 reaches end of support will not be supported on Windows 7.

The latest Notes 9.0.x version that will be released before January 14th 2020 will continue to be supported on Windows 7 as long as it is not proven that the operating system itself it the culprit in the support case you open, of course. Makes sense.

If you already run the Notes 10.0.x code stream (you do, right? ;-), support for Windows 7 will be dropped somewhere along the road. It is yet to be determined where exactly. I suppose more information will be published when approaching the date.

Stay tuned!

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  1. There’s another option. You can also switch to Windows 8.1 which will be supported until 2023. At that time the new “lightweight client” option based on WA should be available.

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